Sick in summer

Pri pouku glasbe učenci zlagajo svoje melodije. Nekateri pa se nato izkažejo tudi kot izvrstni pisci besedil. S svojimi teksti prav zagotovo izstopa sedmošolka Taja.

Napisala: Taja K., 7. a

I’m sitting on the beach reading a book

we were spending it in another nation.

when something caught my eye – I needed to take a look.

There stood my crush with sky blue eyes

oh, he was more handsome than all the other guys.

He asked me to hang out

and of course I complied.

Washed my hair, picked the pretty dress

and with still wet hair I rushed outside.

It was windy though, so I threw up.

The same night

I had to be inside.

It was a bummer

it really hurts to be sick in summer.

In summer.

It’s really bad

to be sick in summer.

In summer.

After the date he started to visit me

because I was sick

I didn’t look as pretty.

After I got better we went for a walk

he was acting really suspicious, so I started to talk.

A voice in my head told me the danger is near

then he told me the words I hoped never to hear.

The words hurt more than as if he broke my neck

it turned out he was seeing a girl behind my back.

On my way back home I started to cry

while in my head I kept asking myself why.

That girl was obviously better than me

so I took a swim in the sea.

Pripravila učitelja: V. R. Petrova in D. Lisec

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